Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve.  These days, it's just one day closer to the holiday season being over which is how I get through holidays these days.  It's hard without people.  Steve doesn't even ask.  He has his wife's family so he doesn't need me.  Hope asked a few months ago but then they decided to go to Philadelphia.  It's too far away & I would not have gone anyway.  I was invited to Dallas to my Aunt's but I don't like the long drive.  So it's me, not them.

My across the street neighbor brought me some Chex mix & a little rose bush.  Very sweet.  My only Christmas gift.

I loved Christmas Eve growing up...we always got to open presents!!  We'd eat supper & do dishes & then the youngest person would pass out presents & we'd take turns opening one at a time.  Then when we were little, Santa would come on Christmas morning.  Then a special Christmas meal of chicken (no turkey for us!) & dressing with pie & fruit salad about 1130.  Then of course there was football about 3 so by then it was time for more pie & fruit salad. Tomorrow, I'm cooking some ham, a baked potato & making a fruit salad.  And I'm making a chocolate pie.  That I have to eat before 6pm of course. 

I miss my family, of course.  No way around it.  But I guess that's my new Christmas tradition.  And I live with it fine even if my heart aches just a little for the ghosts of my Christmas past. 

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