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 November 13, 2021|Personal

I always think it's funny these days when I see a parent whip out their phone & their kids start posing because they know they're going to have their picture taken.  Well, I'm old...64 to be I grew up in an era that started with a box camera that had the box you look in on the top of the box & then mom progressed to a Kodak instant camera & even a Polaroid that spit out black & white pictures.  But no one used it much.  I don't know if was a lack of interest or money but the result is we didn't have a lot of pictures of us growing up.  We all got school pictures every year, taken at the school, not a custom photoshoot like families do now.  Even now I try to remember to take pictures but my camera roll mostly has pictures of my wifi password, license plate number & books I want to read.  But I have a few pictures.   And I've taken all of my old paper pictures & put them on a cloud so I don't have to keep paper.  That has helped my picture game tremendously.  

But my sweet Aunt Betty & Uncle had fancy cameras forever and have millions of pictures from their journies all over the world.  But apparently in July 1960 Uncle T got a new camera that took black & white pictures that he learned to develop himself.  And he took our picures.  I'd seen a couple of them before.  I have a blown up one of his pictures, a great picture of my mom.  But Aunt Betty is cleaning out pictures & sent me some I did not have & had not seen.  The main one that knocked me back a little is of Mom, my sister Cathy age 14, my sister Jo age 13 & me age 3.  The deal is, I've never seen any picture that had the 4 of us in it & that means none at all with all of us plus my dad.  And it suddenly made me very sad.  Jo died in 1970.  And Cathy in 1997.  And Mom in 2003.  And Daddy in 2009.  So the pictures have to be in my mind, like they always have been.  But Im putting the Mom & sisters & me in a 3x3 frame  (thats the size) so I can look & remember whenever I want.

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