Sunday, November 28, 2021


My poor side gate was finally hanging on one hinge & I could no longer get it closed so it was time for a new one. I put out feelers on my social media for a price & the one I go was outrageous ($550) ...and a couple of guys on my Nextdoor App said they were getting same ridiculous prices. So I went to my nephew. He's a great guy & will do anything I ask but I hate to ask. I am not his responability & he lives an hour & a half way and works here in town so he does a 3 hour commute every week day already. So it kind of hurts my soul to ask him to do anything for me. But he built the gate at home, his stepson delivered it last week & today he & his youngest son came to install. It only took them about an hour & I paid them both so I don't feel horrible. And they got lunch too so I guess it's ok.

They got finished about 1145 & I asked if they had time for lunch. I rarely eat with another person & like sitting & having a conversation with another person (or 2!)...but I hate how desparate I sound. I feel like I'm begging them to spend time with me but I don't think my nephew does. Just a little insecure ...
Anyway don't my nephews & gate look snazzy?

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