Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Full Monty

I've been lucky finding DVDs on Ebay or at garage sales for cheap because everyone streams or has blue rays now & I possibly own the last DVD player on earth.  But it's worked in my favor.  I usually order one a month from Ebay.

Today's movie is 'The Full Monty.  The movie was made in 1997.  It's set in northern England in a decaying town where the main employer had closed, leaving many jobless & broke.  After

seeing women paying tosee the Chippendales, 6 desparate men decide to form a dance troop to make money.  The leader is 'Gaz' who wants money to pay back child support so he can see his son Nathan.  We start with them getting acquainted & learning to dance.

My favorite scene is when they are in the unemployment office & Donna Summer's 'Hot Stuff' comes on the speaker & they are all doing the dance moves.  

As they proceed, word gets around...wives, moms, grandmothers & pub mates are all ready for the show.  And to top the Chippendales....they promise the "Full Monty"...completely nude at the end.  The final song is 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' as they drop pants, then hats to show the full monty.  We get 6 naked butts at the end. 

This is a great script & full of really nice guys. Love it!!

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