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So This Happened today

 November 13, 2021|Personal

To understand why this was so fantabulous today, you'd have to understand Texas Tech's football program.  Basically, it's sucked for several years.  We went through a couple of coaches who didn't fit.  Tommy Tuberville.  Give me a break.  The man left a kid & his family at a recruiting dinner table to go accept another job.  And Kliff Kingsbury, an alum and a nice guy but he didn't like recruiting.  Then oddly, he got an NFL head coaching job & this season he's a shooting star.  But personnel selection is not his problem.  And then we had Matt Wells, who I'm very sure was a nice man but lived in Lubbock for 3 years & when asked a soft ball question about what he liked best about Lubbock the only thing he could come up with was his family.   Matt had not had a winning season the entire time he'd been here & things weren't good.  And a couple of weeks ago he got fired.  

Then on Monday Tech hired a new coach without a lot of experience named Joey McGuire.  He is completely different from Wells.  He's excited to be here & I have an excitement for Tech football that I have not felt in years.  I don't want to be let down but that is kind of what happens with them.  I want to be wrong.

So today, we played Iowa State, another 5-4 team, just like us.  We weren't supposed to win because, as my friend Dal puts it, we are only supposed to beat the Sisters of the Poor.  But low and behold, we led the entire game...despite the worst officiated game of all time.  I try not to rag the refs but we had 4 or 5 questionable calls & reviews and EVERY SINGLE ONE WENT AGAINST TECH.  My friend on Twitter said:" Ah, impending doom.  I've missed you."

Iowa State managed to tie it up with about a minute left in the game and we had no timeouts left.  And our freshman, 3rd string & only fully healthy QB got us to here and with 3 seconds left, this happened:    

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