Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ten minutes ago...


A lot has changed in 56 years, no doubt. I cannot even believe I typed that. I'm almost 64 so I remember some things from then. One of my favorite memories is 'Cinderella' in 1965. It came on once a year for a long time & I watched it every time. I'm sure my sisters & I just overruled daddy who was the main owner of the TV.

The music was great. The costumes were mostly strange although Lesley Ann Warren at age 19 was beautiful in her white dress with the fur neckline. And the Prince...ah, the Prince. He was played by Stuart Damon, whose name I'm not sure I ever knew til much later. handsome.
Stuart Damon went on to be a star of the soap 'General Hospital', a show I don't watch although for some reason I recognized his face when I saw it. Again, I did not connect the dots all the way back to the Prince until the last few years. Apparently he was unceremoniously fired from GH a couple of years ago because he had health issues & that firing caused quite a stir, as it should have. And today he died at age 84.
In 1965, we didn't have DVRs or streaming so we had to wait for that night once a year to see a show we loved. And it would be un-PC now because thinking a prince coming along to save you is something that seems old fashioned & abhorrant to many. But the truth is, princes come in a lot of forms. They're certainly not coming along on white horses to save us from a life of drudgery in a traditional sense but if someone comes along & makes your life better or makes you feel less alone in this lonely & difficult world, a man can still be a prince. Too many think now that a woman doesn't need a man & children don't need a dad & they're wrong. Again, the needs are different but deep down, we all have needs.
And for the record, 'Cinderella' has been made many times with many interpretations over the years so the story & hope survives. I don't care what anyone says.
In the movie, there is a a song called 'Ten Minutes Ago' where he sings:
Ten minutes ago I saw you You looked up as I came thorough the door My head started reeling You gave me the feeling the room had no ceiling or floor Ten minutes ago I met you and we murmured our how do you dos I wanted to ring out the bells And fling out my arms and to sing out The news I have found her she's an angel With the dust of the stars in her eyes We are dancing We are flying And he's taking me back to the skies
Who doesn't want someonte to feel that way about them?

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